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"Die werkbank is a small, quaint shop with a big bold concept: handmade.

That’s right, everything inside is handcrafted.


The owner, Katharina, describes it as a little bird amongst the giant global brands or, in other words, as a space for young artisan designers to exhibit and sell their work. The name of the shop translates to "the work bench," reflecting its former life as the carpentry workshop of Katharina's father.  And while the smell of sawdust has left it, die werkbank still reeks of creativity.

Each piece is unique and made of the utmost quality, from contemporary furniture designer Pinestone’s rocking chair to literature-inspired jewelery, upcycled bike wheels reimagined as lamps, old records turned toilet roll holders, anti-establishment tank tops and the beautifully imperfect ceramic designs by local artisan Anna Holly.


Stock changes regularly but always remains eclectic. Hidden away on a quiet street behind the museum, die werkbank is type of shop well worth looking for."

Shopikon, Jakob Moss

Kopie vonwerkbank_web_2_nataliglisic14.jpg
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